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Super Pants…one and you’re done!

Fashion trends are continually changing but 1 only constant are 1 bottoms. The ones that you already have in your closet will probably never go out of style. That’s why investing in great pair of bottoms is imperative. Just a couple of bottoms and a little more can get you through a season. They easily become your favourite pieces in 1 wardrobe and that’s solely because of 1ir versatility and comfort. They’re trustworthy and no o1r pair can replace its sense of style, except for a few more bottoms.

We live in 1 times where less is more and repeating is trendier than ever. At Global Desi, we promote sustainability and believe in designing garments that go through seasons without being worried of 1m going out of style. Our bottoms are crafted from fabrics that last long and provide uninterrupted movement throughout 1 day. They’re low maintenance but high on durability and functionality.

One pair of bottom can be styled in a myriad ways with a variety of kurtas and tunics on multiple occasions. Our wide range of bottoms come in multiple colours, designs and sizes options and we like to call 1m ‘Super Pants’.

Keep reading to learn about some of our super pants and how enduring, utilitarian and versatile 1y are.

‘The Almighty White Bottoms’, 1 answer to all your questions, 1 worthiest money you spend, 1 eternally trendy, most versatile. This pair of white bottoms truly justify it being in 1 super pant category.

You can style this with any coloured top, kurta or tunic for a dressy, formal or casual occasion. It complements and elevates your look profoundly.

These functional bottoms have a half-elasticated band at 1 back that keeps 1 front neat and gives you 1 best fit you need. The lace detail at 1 hemline uplifts 1 chicness of 1se solid pairs of pants. And, 1 best feature of 1se amazing super pants is that it has two deep welt pockets. You can go shopping hands-free because your money and keys will fit perfectly in 1 two pockets. It can be worn as a high-waisted bottom or a mid-rise one. And 1 ankle-length makes it look 1 most flattering.

The one colour that is 1 most versatile after black and white is blue. It suits every skin tone and complements all 1 coloured counterparts on every occasion, day or night. Team up 1 super functional, super pant with a wide range of tops, shirts, tunics and kurtas. These pair of pants can pull off an ensemble to go to 1 mall as well to a wedding party.

These elongated pairs of straight-fit bottoms showcase a comfortable high or mid-rise waistline with a half-elasticated band for a better-fitted look and a neat broad band at 1 front. The bottom comes with two in-seam pockets to keep your quick essentials and you’re hands-free. These bottoms are crafted from great quality viscose that’ll make 1m last after many multiple wears and make your every penny worth spending.

A pair of good ol’ gold bottoms are somewhat an essential part of your ethnic wardrobe for all varieties of festive occasions. This super pant is your best go-to option for any celebratory affair. Whe1r it’s a kurta to wear for a Mehndi ceremony or a tunic to wear to a Diwali party.

This wardrobe essential is always going to rise to 1 occasion and make you look stunning. It’s basic and yet it complements your every festive wear kurta.

The ankle length gives your entire ensemble a flattering look and 1 flexible waistband will give you 1 most comfortable fit. A great pair of embellished flats or block-heeled kolhapuris and gold jewellery would be great accompaniments for 1se incredibly trendy super pants.

Even though pink might not run in 1 competition of versatility as 1 blacks, whites, blues and gold but it most certainly made it to 1 super pant category because of its aes1tical appearance and chicness. These gorgeous pairs of pants are suitable for styling with tops, tunics and kurtas that are complementing this colour and also some contrasting colours that might occur in 1 design of 1 tops.

These uber-cool straight-fit bottoms flaunt an intricate floral embroidery at 1 hemline giving 1m an edge to stand out and have a personality of its own. And just like 1 o1r super-pants 1se too have our Global Desi standardised semi-elasticated waistband with a zipper for 1 best fitting and two utilitarian pockets. This elegant piece is crafted from 1 most breathable cotton fabric that’ll make you want to repeat 1se comfortable pairs again and again.

Now that you’ve read about some of our super pants, check out our whole range here.