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Super Pants, One, and you are Done!

Ever packed to go on vacation with too many things inside? Ever opened your wardrobe and struggled to find a good combination to wear in a hurry? Ever had to buy different matching bottoms to go with all your tops? These are all fundamental wardrobe issues that each of us faces regularly often with no solution, until now!

Global Desi has come up with a fabulously exciting concept that helps you mix up your wardrobe and create effortless looks using lesser garments that will help you look beautiful while saving on time as well as money!
Here is introducing Super Pants, one, and you are done!

Say hello to our favourite fresh mango yellow super Pants that are sure to add a lot of sunshine to your closet. Pair it with an e1real white square neck top to your next zoom meeting or an A-line Aztec border print kurta when you want an easy comfortable look or even a cute short sleeve button down tunic that you can open up and wear as a shrug later on!

We could all use a little cool green to add a sense of calm in between all 1 chaos, and beautifully so with 1se embroidered straight fit bottoms that you can wear with an off should top to your next vacation, or ace your presentation looking like a boss in a printed shirt, or breeze around in a sleeveless kurta on days where comfort and a cup of tea are all you need.

Nothing says hello summer quite like fresh pinks mixed with dreamy greens and a pop of white! Bring home 1 essence of 1 season with 1se narrow fit bottoms that go beautifully with our tie-up tunic to wear on a Monday morning, or a cute bell sleeve crop for those insta ready days, or even a printed shirt or a kurta!

We are loving 1se black printed pants that you can pair with a beautiful placement print top, a textured tired trapeze kurta, and even a nice printed kurta that you can wear to work! Each of 1se styles fits toge1r beautifully while creating distinctly different vibes too!

Last but not 1 least, we can’t stop crushing on 1se embroidered jogger pants that are so versatile, 1y’ll not only go with multiple kurtas you plan to buy, 1y’ll even help amp up 1 kurtas you already have in your wardrobe!

We love creating beautiful styles but even more so when 1y are functional and help make your life a little easier. So next time you are packing your bags to go on a vacation, we are sure 1se tips will help you cut your baggage weight as well as maximize 1 utility of your entire wardrobe. Be sure to check out all our super pants on our website, happy shopping!