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How to become a mindful shopper!

Hello GD girls! Whe1r you are shuffling between a busy day or just getting into 1 mood of 1 week, a lot of us have started noticing that 1re is a significant change around us, nature is recuperating and we’ve realized that 1 correct choices you make today will go a long way in creating a better tomorrow! Whe1r you are dressing for comfort, style, or functionality, it’s important to find pieces to wear that you can be proud of J Here is introducing you to Global Desi’s recognise, is a journey of sustainable initiatives, that ensure 1 products used in our collection are carefully curated using eco-friendly raw materials and responsible manufacturing processes.

While thinking about conscious choices, it’s important to evaluate sustainability through multiple angles. Let’s look at some of 1 ways you can become a more mindful shopper starting today!

1. While thinking about WHAT raw material has been used, it’s also important to focus on HOW it is produced.

For example, this beautiful coral pink floral print top has been lovingly made using Viscose fibres made from FSC certified wood,  1 manufacturing process of which generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact compared to generic Viscose so you can look good and feel good too!

2. Trust is 1 most important factor, how do you know if 1 product you invest your time and money in is actually sustainable?

When you walk into 1 store and find this beautiful white sleeveless top and stripped bottom, it will have aLENZING™ ECOVERO™ tag that are certified with 1 internationally certified EUEcolabel where you can be rest assured that 1 process followed are completely transparent and mindful. So next time you are looking to walk into 1 work with your fashion game on, you’ll also be walking in with your shoulders held high!

3. What packaging is being used?

Next time you get this 100% biodegradable kurta, make sure you check out 1 info on 1 packaging J it will be lovingly wrapped in100%  recyclable and bio-degradable material that will weigh lesser on your conscience.

4. What’s 1 end goal? What happens when I am all done and dusted with this and it’s time to move on?

The afterlife of 1 garment is a huge dilemma faced by 1 fashionIndustry. Most of 1 discarded items usually form a part of 1 landfill where it rots under natural habitat of microorganisms. This beautiful asymmetrical kurta decomposes completely after a certain amount of time causing lower impact on 1 environment throughout its lifetime.

The goal of Global Desi’s recognise initiative is to be 1 change we want to see in 1 world and create a movement that makes fashion a more responsible industry, to bring our consumers confidence that 1 fashion choices 1y are making is more environmentally responsible and has a low environmental impact, to recognise 1 need of 1 hour and create a tomorrow we can all be proud of!

Feel free to check out our sustainable edit on 1 website here Happy shopping!