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Be Bold, Be Bohemian!

Bohemian style is not only a fashion statement but it’s a rich culture in itself with a deep history. It’s an ideology of the hippie culture that started distinguishing itself after the French Revolution, mainly from the 60s & 70s. Every element incorporated in the boho style has a rooted meaning to it. It’s fundamentally based on nature and naturally occurring elements with casual and loose fitted bodices, layers and maximalistic accessories. This style is adapted most commonly by free-spirited, expressive, passionate and romantic artistic people who embrace and cherish unconventionality and love to break their experimental boundaries, and don’t like to confine themselves to conventional norms.

Due to its vibrancy and flamboyant look, this style started becoming more popular in the 20th century and more designers started curving towards the bohemian style. Endless varieties were available and some of the heritage traditional ornamental textiles, weaves and prints struck back.

Global Desi’s new Spring / Summer ‘22 collection is essentially inspired by the traditional prints, popularly falling into the bohemian style genre. An enormous capsule with boho staples like tops, tunics, kurtas, jumpsuits along with boho-chic accessories and jewellery, catering to the women who’re drawn towards flamboyant colours, intricate prints and casual fits.

If you think that the bohemian style resonates with you and you are a little clueless from where to begin then here’s a guide that defines bohemian style with some key pieces from the Summer collection that can be used to mix and match to create limitless ensemble options. It’s not rocket science, it’s the easiest style to play around with because everything looks good and the sky’s the limit.

1. Colours:

Colours define and differentiate different style genres from another. It makes or breaks the vibe and mood of an ensemble. They are the essence that adds and amplifies the feel of the occasion. Bohemian style defines a deep rooted culture and everything it stands for is predominantly to do with colours and the freedom of self-expression. Bohemian colours are all earthy, natural, neutrals as well as pastel colours that can be a mix of warm and cool colours. Our new Spring/Summer collection has a wide range of colour shades like blues, reds, blacks and whites. When picking your bohemian styled garment, always keep in mind not to choose unnatural or neon shades. Your ensemble can be a mix of more than 3-5 shades or even more but stick to relevant colours and one curated palette. Styling with the same colour family like hues of blues or browns can make the ensemble versatile to mix and match or repeat later. Bohemian style is for people who are passionate and expressive, who love to showcase that through their dressing. Global Desi’s ‘Oasis’ collection is catered for women who don’t shy away from displaying their free spiritedness and dress up how they’d like to be seen in the world. You can pick and choose from a great selection of colours suiting your skin tone and mood.

2. Prints:

Prints and patterns play a vital role in the bohemian style genre. It gives the colours and the ensemble its character and mood. Since the hippies or people who love this style are predominantly artists and romantic, prints are a way to showcase their niche. Bohemian styling is limitless and playing around with prints is exhilarating. A myriad of prints fall under the bohemian style, many of which are traditional weaves like floral, paisley, ikkat, ajrakh, kilim and geometric. Every print and weave has its distinguished characteristic and a cultural story behind it. Similarly, embellishments are also a different segment of prints. Embroidery, applique work, tassels, sequins and beads are part of artistry and tradition that have a heavy influence on the bohemian culture. Global Desi’s SS22 collection has a curation of many such printed options keeping in mind how essential it is to preserve this heritage. You can mix and match from a variety of options, style your bohemian prints with solids, contrasts, a coordinating print or even a different one but from a cohesive colour family. Bohemian style is all about unconventional aesthetics and personal style. The carefree and passionate spirit shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting and what others think.

3. Accessories:

When sporting a bohemian look, always keep in mind that accessorising is equally important. It amplifies the beauty of the ensemble and gives more character to your look. Bohemian accessories are not very restrictive and easy to find, they can be anything but minimalistic. Chunky jewellery with beads, pearls for a dressier look, shells, leather fringe, large stones, antique gold and silver finish or any maximalist necklace, rings, earrings and bracelets can be identified as bohemian jewellery. Just like the colours and prints, bohemian jewellery also is heavily inspired by nature and its natural forms. Anything that is made from leather (even faux), jute rope or wood in matte finish comes under this style but anything made from plastic or unnatural materials with saturated and neon colours or looks glossy are a big no. Accessories include but not limited to statement belts, footwear, bags, hats, scarves and also, sunglasses. The preferred accessories colours are hues of browns and greys, embellished with colourful elements, fringe, pom poms, lace trims, ethnic prints and patterns, etc. Bohemian accessories’ styling comes with no rules. The options are unlimited to be experimented with and the number of pieces you can wear. Incorporate mixed varieties and segments to achieve your desired bohemian look without any apprehension. Global Desi’s summer collection has an enormous curation of accessories suiting every type of bohemian aspirant.

4. Silhouettes:

When you go bohemian, you always pick comfort over structure. Relaxed, oversized bodices, loose fitted tops, kurtas, maxis, printed coords, jumpsuits, long jackets and overlays, bell and trumpet sleeves or even wide-legged bottoms are the way to go. This style demands maximalism and being extra, bohemian look doesn’t require you to look prim and proper. Layering is more welcome in this style than keeping it less. The more flowy, rustic, shabby and comfortable the garments, the better. Clean and basic silhouettes with straight line cuts and elegance don’t fit the bohemian bill. But this does not limit to wearing only ill-fitted and baggy clothes. You can mix and match different silhouettes, colours and prints e.g. a loose fitted top with a pair of well-fitted bottoms and vice versa. The goal is to keep it casual. Exude uber-cool vibes by upgrading your boho-chic wardrobe with Global Desi’s new collection of SS22 with a vast variety of fantastic contour options for your bohemian style not only for outdoors but also for office wear. Loose tops, kurtas and short kurtis for formal wear and maxis, jumpsuits and printed coord sets for brunches and outdoor evening get together.

Bohemian style has been around us for a long time and it will be around us forever because this style corresponds to how artists feel their need to express their free-spirit in this world. It’s not just a fad or a phase that might come and go but it’s a lifestyle and a very expressive personal sense of style. Bohemian style is an amalgamation of cultures. It’s a fusion of fashion eras. Our designers at Global Desi love gratifying women who prefer this eccentric style.