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9 Tips for a Sustainably Stylish Make-Over

Ever thought about creating a sustainable, eco-friendly wardrobe? Wouldn’t you feel a little happy inside that you are a step ahead in conscious living if you accomplished this? We admit that this could be a real challenge, but you can always make conscious choices. Most of us typecast sustainable fashion as earthy, dull and boring. Well, the good news is that earth-friendly fashion is changing and is far from being boring. It’s chic, colourful with abundant options to choose from.

What better time than now to rethink about the way we live and the choices we make in our daily lives? It’s important to focus on our individual carbon footprint even with the smallest of things like what we wear, what we eat, etc.

Being environmentally conscious in your fashion choices doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. Our fashion and style experts have revealed a bunch of sustainable fashion tips that you can start thinking about when you consider a sustainable make-over.

You can choose ethical, literally! You’ll believe us when you read the tips below.

1. Embrace eco-clothing

Up your style game with some playful sustainable clothing, without the guilt of harming the nature. Go for cotton clothing, mostly made of organic cotton. Check for tags such as Ecovero, Better Cotton Initiative, Lenzing, etc. Garments bearing these tags are made using eco-friendly raw materials and responsible manufacturing processes.

A big hack for responsible fashion, check for the raw-materials which have gone into making the clothes you’re about to purchase. Clothes made from recycled materials, like recycled polyester should be the go to thing. Also, clothes made from plant-based fabrics such as cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo are a big yes. Prioritize organic cotton clothing.

2. Shine out with dazzling sustainable jewellery

Walk with your head held high when you dazzle with stunning sustainable jewellery. These earrings from Global Desi are made of all eco-friendly materials. Global Desi’s ‘rECOgnise’, is a journey of sustainable initiatives that ensure the products are carefully curated using eco-friendly raw materials and responsible manufacturing processes.

3. Turn to sustainable scarves to add an oomph factor

We are a big fan of scarves and stoles! Create and recreate different looks with your plain clothes every-time you drape a sustainable scarf. Isn’t it another step towards sustainability? Restyling old clothes with a twist! The planet will love you for using a bunch of sustainable accessories!

4. Ditch cruel leather small handbags, choose vegan leather

Leather bags are undoubtedly expensive. They cost a lot, not just to us, but also to animals. Have you ever thought how cruel your leather handbags are to animals? To top it all off, the leather industry is also a big contributor to pollution.

Go for animal friendly vegan leather or Polyurethane (PU). PU is synthetically manufactured and is animal cruelty free unlike leather. These chic handbags from Global Desi are PETA approved animal friendly.

5. Step in to sustainable living with fancy footwear

Ever thought that footwear can be eco-friendly too? Yes, it’s possible now. These flats for example, are made of all eco-friendly materials, with loads of love.

So, now you know how to dress up fashionably and sustainably!

Additionally, these tips will make your earth-friendly fashion journey a lot easier!

1. Be experimental

Shop for versatile clothes that can be styled in different ways. Like dresses which can be donned as kurtas, tunics as dresses or style t-shirts in different ways. This way you can create different looks with one outfit. Less load on your wardrobe and the planet!

2. Donate old clothes

Avoid throwing your clothes away. They will just end-up in landfills, waiting for decades to decompose. Donate the clothes which you no longer wear to the poor and needy. Good for humanity, good for the planet!

3. Seek more information

Make informed decisions while shopping for your clothes and accessories. Check for authentic sustainability tags, as mentioned above.

4. Invest in trans-seasonal clothes

Clothes such as jeans, t-shirts and classic dresses can be used through-out the year. So, it’s safe to invest in these outfits, since you’ll be wearing them more often.

So, the next time you shop online or walk in to a store, be sure to make a responsible choice.

While you have the tips and tricks handy for responsible fashion now, the biggest truth is your love for Mother Nature. Nothing is more important than caring for our planet, when it needs us the most. Let’s all create a happy, healthy sustainable environment for the future generation.

Happy sustainable shopping!